Shepherd Hill Farm      

Before you take me home please understand that I am a FOREVER dog.

Not an “until you’re bored with me” dog

Not an “until you find a boyfriend/girlfriend” dog

Not an “until I get old” dog

Not an “until I have to move” dog

Not an “until I get a new puppy” dog

I am a FOREVER dog

If you cannot promise me FOREVER I am not your dog.

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

**If you are considering purchasing one of our pups please realize these pups need lots of exercise and need to be socialized at a very young age.  If you do not have time to invest in exercise, socialization and obedience you may want to consider waiting until you have the time or consider another breed.**  Thanks for your interest in our pups.

We are no longer breeding German Shepherds.  Thank you to all who have given loving homes to our puppies thoughout the years.  God bless.  


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