Shepherd Hill Farm      
December 2015
Rock is Human Remains Recovery Certified.  Congratulations Rock and Brandy!

June 23, 2015:  Since getting Riley in March of this year, we have enjoyed him so much! He is spoiled rotten, but housebroken, and has us wrapped around his four paws! Now that he is almost five months old, he weighs 17.5 pounds and is quite a handful to pick up!  He is truly a "snuggler" and has definitely become a member of our family.  Every once in a while, his Beagle instincts come out and he takes off after a rabbit, but fortunately not for long.......yet.  We love him and we thank you so much for your profession in breeding dogs;  therefore allowing us to enjoy the benefits of these amazing pets.  The Duncanson Family

March 8, 2015
Si just turned TWO years old at the end of February! He has been a fantastic dog and is still one of the best decisions we ever made. He is not only a fantastic family pet, but also a great hunting dog. His natural ability to hunt is amazing and his loving personality makes him the best dog! We were so pleased with Si, that we purchased another beagle from you! Si & Copper are fabulous dogs and we are so happy to have them as part of our lives.
Thank you for everything!  The Bensons

March 5, 2015

Hope you’re doing well. Just wanted to share how much we enjoy our beagle babies (Dobby and Tuppence). They turned one year old this week and have grown into sweet, healthy and playful young adults. They enjoy playtime in their outdoor run and snuggling down in their comfy indoor sleeping area at night. We spend a lot of time rubbing bellies and throwing tennis balls with these two. We are so happy with their development and thank you for providing them. We’d be delighted to recommend you as a breeder to anyone seeking a pet or working dog. Thanks again and God bless, Joe and Sherry

February 22, 2015

Hello, We would like to reach out to you and thank you for breeding such a wonderful line of German Shepard Dogs! Attached are current pictures of Mick (Father: Justice, Mother: Yana).  He is growing up to be a GREAT dog! As you can see, he is quite happy in our home. He has been well socialized and gets plenty of exercise. Since he has a great temperament, we were actually looking at training him to be a Therapy Dog!  Also, we would like to know if you are planning to breed with Justice again as we are avid fans of Justice? Mick would like a brother or sister. Thanks again, Matt and Tami from Williamsburg.

February 14, 2015

Hi guys, I wanted to stop by and give an update on illy.  We have started Barn hunt, it's where they put a rat in a tube and hide it in a barn full of hay and the dog has to find it in a certain amount of time.  Illidan blew the other dogs out the water over the weekend!  He had 1minute and 30seconds to find 1rat.  He did it in 9 seconds!!!! Not to mention the judge was so impressed with him she wanted to buy him from me.  Welp he decided because he was just so awesome with the barn hunt and maybe he didn't want to train for the next level where he has to find 2-4 rats he cut his achilles tendon.  He's ok and on kennel rest for another week.  He hates it.  So to keep his brain occupied we've been doing tricks.  He can shut and open a door, go around an object, weave through my legs, wave bye, take my socks off, high five, pray, whisper, speak, I could go on and on.  Here are a few of his pics with his ribbons and some V-day pics.  Thank you so much for my genius puppy!!! I also refer you to any one who talks about wanting a shepherd and now my dog trainer refers you also because of how good illidan is.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

February 4, 2015
Hi there!! We thought we would share a little update on our two beautiful GSD we got from you all. Rudy is over a year old and weighs in at 90lbs. He is the sweetest guy!! Loves to play and be with us as much as possible. ...  Aika is amazing! I am now certified in dog training and Aika is my partner. She helps me train other dogs by example. She also went with me to a Preschool presentation on care and obedience for dogs in our lives. She weighs in a little over 70lbs now. Aika and I have great plans in the future for animal awareness in our area. Love her to pieces!!!  You can see our beautiful babies on my business page on FB if you want. Its Chrissy's Canine Training.  So again I say thank you. We love Aika and Rudy soooo much. I hope you all are doing well and pray for much success in all you do.  Blessings to you both, Ray and Chrissy 

January 29, 2015
This is Harlee she is from your Justice, Tammy litter, I believe you have her brother. Just thought I would send you a picture, she is a wonderful dog. She loves everyone, but she loves my husband the most. He can't go anywhere without her. I am always telling my husband I can't believe she is so smart. Never had a dog that just clings to us all the time she must know that we love her so much.  Thanks again for breeding such great dogs. Nina 

January 25, 2015
Good afternoon, Henshaws!  It’s been awhile since I have sent pictures of Katana (Little Bit). She is doing great! She is almost 60 pounds now. She has her moms long coat and a lot of her dads coloring. She is the most loving, energetic dog and we love her so much.  We took her home to Oklahoma with us for Christmas and she had a blast playing with the families dogs in the snow. We also have a baby boy on the way and she is going to be an amazing big sister. She is amazing and gentle with kids. She loves ALL other dogs and cats even though they don't always like her. We can’t thank you enough for giving us the dog of our dreams. She is the perfect addition to our family and we cant imagine life without her!  Hope you all are doing well. Thanks again! -The Reeds

January 5, 2015
Attached for your viewing pleasure are three pictures of Elly.  Having near doubled in size, she is doing very well.  While both puppy active and opinionated, she still is very personable...often needing to be held and cuddled.  She is definitely evolving into a people dog.  She is a wonderful addition to our family.  Have a great year.  Doug

January 1, 2015 
Happy New Year. Just wanted to update you on Silas and Isabelle.  They are growing well. They have seen the Vet several times for their shots and etc as necessary. Silas is getting big, he is always weighing exactly 1 lb. more than Isabelle. They play and chew as puppies do. We are extremely pleased.. !! Their "pottie" training is going rather well, only 1 accident inside their sun room area. During the day they have access to a 12x12 room and a 50x60 fenced area. I have attached pictures of each taken 4 days ago. Will keep you updated...

December 16, 2014
We bought Bo, a puppy from the litter or Justice and Goldy born in April of 2014. He has gone through training at the Holiday Barn and has become a wonderful member of our family. Our trainer has said many times that he has a wonderful core! He is super sweet and loving with a whole lot of energy! 

December 11, 2014
I am sorry it has taken so long to get some more pictures of Gisela (Goldy/Zar litter) to you. She is doing great everyone loves her who sees her. She goes to daycare at least two times a week and sometimes four times a week. She has lots of friends there, that is where she had her Christmas picture taken.

December 10, 2014
Hey y'all ! Just wanted I check in and give you an update on Zeus. He is doing incredibly well. He is so smart and anytime I take him anywhere with me people always ask me where I got him. I am constantly being complimented on how beautiful he is. Thank you so much for my bud, couldn't imagine my life with out him.

December 9, 2014
Hi guys just dropping by to give y'all an update on illidan (Rocco/Bella litter). He is becoming a fantastic dog. He is so smart and eager to please. It amazes me how fast he's getting the tricks I teach him.  He has also received his CGC. We are still doing personal protection training and he loves it!  Not to mention he's really good at it. We have also started tracking. He likes that too. Thank you for this wonderful boy he is truly a joy to own. 

December 4, 2014
Attached is a picture of Sadie just last weekend. She's the prettiest beagle! 

November 29, 2014
Just wanted to let you know Copper is doing great in his new home and has adjusted quickly. He saw his first snow and loved it! We are so happy to have him as a part of our home. Silas and him have become best friends and are inseparable! Thank you again for everything! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!  Tara & Brock 

November 21, 2014
Hello there! ...  Just wanted to send some more pictures of Bella(Starr).  She is going fast and such an awesome pup.  She is such a huge part of our family!….  She finished her obedience training at Pet Smart a few weeks ago and will be continuing with more training soon.  She plays and runs in our back yard every morning before the kids go to school and then hangs out with James during the day.  I love coming home and getting puppy love every day!  She LOVES belly rubs!!  Thanks again for everything. Susan 

October 30, 2014 
Mr. Kaiser is a year old today!  We love this guy more than we can explain.  He is such a sweet loving dog.  Thank you!! Kay

October 16, 2014

Thought I'd send you an update on how it is going with Angel now that she is 6 months old (from Justice and Goldy's 4/7/14 litter). First of all, she is a great dog! She is very smart, learning new commands very quickly. Everyone I meet comments on how beautiful she is! She has just the right amount of drive; not aggressive but enough to keep her engaged when training. She gets along with other dogs when we go to the beach, dog park, obedience class and dog events. She gets along well with people. She doesn't mind when children come up to her and give her a hug. She walks very well on the leash. When off leash she stays close by. We are very happy with our decision to get our shepherd from you. I have recommended Shepherd Hill Farm to those who are interested in getting a German Shepherd. Below are some pictures of Angel. You can see how beautiful and sweet she is.  Chuck

October 13, 2014
Good Morning Henshaws! Here is a picture of Ranger, Rosalie and their best bud Bardo (Montanet) also from Shepherd Hill! They are all great dogs and doing well. We love them all so much. Sincerely Amy & Kayla

June 13, 2014
As you can see Bella (Leonie & Zar) is continuing to grow she was 36lbs at her last vet visit. She is doing really well and has been a wonderful addition to our family. She has such a funny personality and very loving and playful. She can do sit , down and is coming along with other commands as well. She loves to play fetch and keeps a very watchful eye over us and our two boys. She does not like any type of cleaning device or power tool (i.e. lawn mower , saws, shovel , vacum, broom) lol. She also loves to play hide and seek particularly with shoes or anything else she can find she will hide them under the back deck :-) .  Ashley

September 27, 2013
It is so hard to believe that Zoe will be 5 months old this weekend. She is a wonderful girl and we love her so much. She doing well with her obedience training and is just a great dog. Everyone comments how pretty she is everywhere we go. The picture below is from this week with our border collie mix Tucker. She is finally taller than him! Hard to believe she used to run around underneath him! He tolerates her crazy puppy ways very well.  Thank you for our girl!  Tracy 

September 27, 2013

I wanted to give you an update on Copper, we are absolutely enjoying him.  I can't thank you enough for the wonderful gift you have given us. I can tell you he is full of energy and is so playful with everyone. Now he is getting into his chewing stage so anything he finds he chews up but we're trying to train him. He is obedient and is pretty good at learning quick. Again thank you so much, here are some pictures as well. I hope you enjoy them and God bless your family. Sincerely, Yancy

September 26, 2013
Wanted to send you guys an update on Ranger and Rosalie. They are both doing great. Rose is working on her canine good citizen skills, and Ranger has become a therapy dog. He's so gentle and loves everyone around him. Rose definitely has a spunkier personality than her brother. She loves to swim. I think she might be a dock-dog. She loves jumping in pool after toys. Both of them get lots of compliments and love. Plus, they'll get a new friend soon when our friends Erin and Manning pick up their pup from you guys. They fell in love with Ranger and Rose. Here's a couple of pictures. I'll try to get some of them swimming and jumping to you guys too. Thanks again.

September 16, 2013
Hi, this is an update on Kimbra! She is growing so fast and it is such a journey watching her grow up and explore different things! We r about to add on to our house and i think that kimbra will handle it just fine! I love her so much and i am glad we purchased her from u guys! Here r a couple pics of her. Sara 

September 12, 2013
We just love the intelligence of Jaeger. The first year of "discovery" has past, and she has settled down quite a bit - knowing our schedule and has expectation around our schedule. She still goes to doggie day care once every two weeks - to give me a break, and continue to socialize her with other people and dogs. When I open the car door to enter the center, she gets soooo excited. They tell me she has favorites, and the owner brings in her larger dog (Jaeger's boyfriend) to really tire her out. We haven't been separated over night yet, it's like having a baby - you hate to leave them.  ...  
Thank you for all you do to breed these beautiful animals.  Rita 
(No picture sent.)

August 17, 2013
Illidan had a great first obedience lesson today. He even did a couple obstacles on the obstacle course and like his dad he eventually started doing it by himself. We start obedience/tracking next week im so excited i cant wait to see how this all goes. I hope all is well with you all thank, you again for my lil man. -heather    Another email from August 10, 2013 email reads: illidan is doing great! He's crate and potty trained he's learning sit, down, stay, come, leave it, drop it. And doing well with all of it. We are still working on the biting issue. Im happy to say i found a trainer in my area that does agility so as soon as he has mastered all his commands well we will start agility :). This dog LOVES the water i went to take a bath last night and as soon as the water got turned on he jumped in the tub. He has his own baby pool and a whole big river to swim in. Thank you so much for him i truly do love him. Attached are a few pics of him. Oh he had a vet appointment today he's healthy and happy at 34.6lbs. 

August 15, 2013
We have Cheyenne who is 16 mos old now. A real beauty..Smart and all you would want in a GSD.

August 14, 2013

Well, she (Ada) is just shy of age two J Lennie took some pictures last night. She sure is beautiful.  Sharon

August 14, 2013

As you know being born on March 31, she (Zoey) is getting so big!!! She is so wonderful and an absolute treasure. She loves her golf cart, boat rides, her pool, and has excelled at obedience school. I will be continuing her school as she truly enjoys it. She has 10 acres to play but stays right near me and is on leash until she is fully trained off leash.  I just cannot THANK YOU enough for bringing her into our lives. She is just such a joy. Everyone compliments her on how beautiful she is and how well-behaved. I look forward to trying to breed her just once before fixing her but will want your input before I do this.  Take care, Anne

August 13, 2013
He (Gunner) gets compliments everywhere I take him. I don't go anywhere without him, except work haha. I always tell people where I got him and always recommend you if their interested in getting a shepherd. He also loves the water. I took him to my friends house, who has 2 shepherds, and his wouldn't even get in the water. But gunner dove right in and was swimming non stop.  Chris

August 12, 2013
We received this email from someone who had seen one of our pups:

I was at the Charlottesville Petco this Friday, 08/09 and absolutely fell in love with a pup by the name of Gunner, with his person, who’s name I did not obtain, but was a polite, tall, dark hair young man.  I grew up with a German Shepherd, for 16 years and even though I have had labs, beagles and now, senior Bassets and one Beagle, I would like my retirement dog to be a Shepherd. This little boy was the most beautiful Shepherd pup I have ever seen, markings from ears to feet, just incredible and distinctive. And so alert and intelligent eyes.  The reason for the email is, would you know which pup 4-5 months old, I am speaking of?. And if so, the dam and sire of same.  I almost thought he looked more Belgian Malinois with his short, unbelievably soft fur and dark snout, dark rimmed ears and dark lines trimming his toes.  I swear, if I didn’t still have to work, I would be on a visit and waiting list.  Thanks,  Naomi

August 2, 2013
Crush came home with us last July from Rocco and Bella. He lives in Virginia Beach now and is spoiled rotten! I have attached a few pictures. He constantly receives compliments on what a beautiful dog he is. We recently met one of his siblings at the dog park and have started walking together which has been very enjoyable. Crush is a very quick learner. He came to us already crate trained  and did not take long at all to fully potty train. He loves playing fetch and going for walks on the beach...We have thoroughly enjoyed our time with Crush and have passed your name onto anyone interested. Thank you for your time. Hope you enjoy the pictures!  Casey and Greg 

July 31, 2013
Isn't Lexi the most prettiest thing you've ever seen???? :)  
Take care, blessings Tina

July 22, 2013
Sadie is doing great....energetic, great personality. She loves her walks and runs like a jack rabbit in the grass....Couldn't ask for a better pup. I have attached some pictures so you can see how much she has grown.  

March 19, 2013

My boyfriend and I got Sydney from you guys a little before Christmas. You told us that she had a crazy little personality and she definitely does! She is queen of the house and will let that be known!  The week after we picked her up from y'all Syd got to take a long drive up to upstate NY. She not only experienced her first car ride but also her first snow! She loved both! We just purchased our first home and she has a huge yard to run around in and even a trail to walk by a lake. We thank you guys SO much for giving us our little "kid" as we call her. Caitlin & Sean  (Bella/Rocco litter)

March 17, 2013
...Rocco is incredibly smart!!!! I can't begin to tell you how amazingly smart, and beautiful he is.... He is definitely a member of our family, and didn't hesitate to fit in from day one! We take daily 4 mile nightly walks with the youngest 2 kids riding their bikes, and if they get in front of us, and we have to call their name he speeds up on the lead (that's the only time he will pull either of us on the lead) and nips at the back of their shirts, and pulls them backwards so they can't keep pedaling their bikes until i catch up to them! If they get too far behind us on our walk then he cries/whines , and stops dead in his tracks even though i attempt to keep walking him, and he won't budge until they catch back up with us on their bike w/training wheels, and one without training wheels! hahaha He is the best babysitter you can imagine for our 3 children, and they absolutely ADORE him! He is treated just like my other human children, and he sleeps in bed with us every night although sometimes ...he will jump down , and go into his crate on his own because he has a comfortable orthopedic dog bed that is even more comfier than our mattress, and we always leave the crate door open it is never closed on him even if we have to run out for a little bit because he is NEVER destructive since day 1 when we brought him home! If my husband leaves the house for even 5 minutes he will sit at the door, and whine until my husband parks back into the driveway, and then he will get excited, and i let him out so he can go greet him when he gets out of the car! He has been so incredibly smart to learn tricks from he's just amazing! I have already taught him in one week worth of time since we've had him the commands....1. sit 2. lay down 3. leave it 4. give me high five 5. stay 6. beg (for his treat) , and he picked up those tricks within a few minutes for each one we taught him (we taught him a new trick every 2 days so that we could keep going over the one we had already taught him to make sure he had it down pat!) ...  We have LITERALLY no joke have been pulled over by 3 cop cars last week because "they wanted to pet/see our dog" and even told us that our dog was more beautiful than any of their k9 partners in our city that they have, and if we ever wanted to we could certainly let rocco be their partner anyday! We also took him walking the other day, and another cop that lives close to our neighborhood pulled over to talk to us, and see rocco. Every single person compliments us on how beautiful a GSD he is i swear we have gotten about 100 plus people compliment him. Even last week a couple asked us inside the pet store if they could "take a pic of our rocco" and of course we obliged, and he did too because he loves human & pet interaction with any dogs of any size! He goes with us when i go to my inlaws once a week which is a 40 minute drive (he loves car rides) and plays in their 2 acre back yard with his toys, bones, and balls. He LOVES having his balls thrown for him, and always brings them right back to us to throw them again! I also think he took very much after his mommy because he is the most affectionate boy you could ever desire or imagine! He is even better than i ever dreamed of!!!

I don't have a single childhood memory without a GSD that my parents always had when i was growing up! My husband and I said the other day while watching him play outside with the kids that we will never own another dog in our life other than a pure GSD, and we will never get any of our GSD unless it's from your facility because he is just too incredible, and you guys just certainly give it your best effort, and your effort is incredible of how awesome you breed these beautiful GSD, and your facility is just too impressive! We have given your name/website address to over 20 people who have said they would love to get a GSD that looks like Rocco, and we told them not to consider any other place rather than Shepherd Hill Farm! (i hope it's ok we keep telling everyone about you guys but your just too good not to share with everyone!)

I saw the pics of Rocco;'s parents had their other liter a few weeks ago. Our boy's parents sure do make beautiful babies, and they are beautiful adorable GSD puppies!!! I can't wait for you to have another liter from a different set of parents because i'd like to experience getting another GSD from you, but from different parents that way we can have one each of every set! We own our house which is completely fenced in, and we keep rocco so exercised that he never disobeys or acts destructive because he clearly gets all his active energy out on my morning jogs with him, and our family walks every night rain or shine!

I will definitely keep looking at your website to see when the next liter will be due so we can get our names on the waiting list to put an immediate deposit because i'll always want a GSD from your facility no one else!!! ...  Thank you so much for having these beautiful GSD he is the most amazing dog in the entire world, and we couldn't love him anymore even if we tried because we are so in love with him, and he will always have a forever home with us no matter what. I have even included him in our most recent will update so that in case anything ever happened to both my husband and I then Rocco would be well taken care of , and be able to stay with our children with my brother & sister in law so he's definitely very loved, and a member of our family! My middle daughter is deaf, and he is proving to be awesome with her, and im teaching him sign language, and helping him to alert her if she can't hear someone coming near her!  Amber  (Freya/Rocco litter)

February 20, 2013
Hello Henshaws, I adopted Magellan "Raks" Smith  from the 5/8/12 litter (Goldy & Justice litter) . Magellan grew up quickly and now runs the show at home. He is beautiful and get compliments all the time, although I think he lets it go to his head! I attached some pictures of him throughout the months so you can see how he has developed.  Heidi

February 3, 2013
Here is Lucy Wiggles 1 yr old collage. I hope you enjoy it. We sure do love her!  Thanks  Dave and Angie 

January 31, 2013

BOOKER from your Rocco/Freya Feb 2012 litter – aka DOZER ... is doing wonderful! He is growing fast and very healthy...His personality is just as sweet and kind and playful and LOVING as you could ever ask for. He is extremely intelligent, extremely affectionate and very eager to please. He minds exceptionally well and learns very quickly. I have been teaching him hand signs as well as voice commands. He is incredibly attentive...I would say of the (now 5) German shepherds we have had since 1986, he seems to be the most well adjusted and sound of them all! He is an amazing dog and we love him very much! Our lives have been so enriched with his love, kindness and humor.  Diane and Thomas

January 8, 2013
This is Rino, you may remember him as Bruno. He was your litter born on January 11, 2012. Father Justice and Mother NeNe. 

December 26, 2012
Hello and Merry Christmas,
I adopted one of your beagle pups in July of 2010, Mattingly. He was born on May 31, 2010 to jog your memory. I realized I have never updated you on his progress and had the chance to thank you for bringing such joy into my life. Mattingly is now 2 years old and LOVES to be outdoors. About a year ago Mattingly and I drove across country to California where we now live in Los Angeles! He loves to chew and eat! He was 8 pounds when I picked him up and now he weighs 40! Mattingly gets along with every dog he encounters and just started to get a little more cuddly! But for the most part he is rough and tough and I LOVE HIM! Attached are some photos of Mattingly enjoying his hikes near the Hollywood sign, eating his birthday cake and just being cute. Thank you so much for bringing him into my life!  Katelyn

December 17, 2012
Just wanted to drop you an email to say Happy Holidays and to thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog. Roxy (3.5 months old) has been the perfect addition to our family. She instantly bonded with our other shepherd Norman and they have been inseparable since the day she came home. She is so smart! She already knows how to sit, lay down, stay and retrieves a tennis ball. She is so loving and affectionate and is friendly with every dog she meets. She is a handful at times but we love her so much! If we ever want another GSD we will definitely come back to Shepherd Hill Farm!  Kristen and Ryan

November 20, 2012
This is Cheyenne born 03/07/12, 8 mos...weighing in at 78 lbs.
She is a GREAT dog...Smart, kind and loving. Extremely strong..A great soccer player...We love her very much..Thanks for having great dogs. Caroline Mast, South Chesterfield,Va.

November 15,2012
Harley is from the litter of Justice and Goldy that was born May 8, 2012. She is 6 months old now and she is a great dog. She learns really fast and housebreaking was a breeze. She absolutely loves our kids and loves to go outside and play with them. Everytime I take her out, people always say how she is a beautiful dog. She is a great addition and a big part of our family. Thanks. The Riggs Family.  (no photo)

November 11, 2012
I am attaching some photos of KIMBRA, she just graduated from puppy class. she is becoming a great family partner. Sara and Kimbra have developed a bond. She is so smart and gets complimented all the time on how pretty she is. She already weighs 30lbs, Loves! Zucinni, Green Beans, Carrotts and Strawberries! Very healthy and loves to run! She has fun at the ball games watching and gets excited when something happens and everyone is cheering. I was very impressed when we did our meet and greet at the persmart for graduation, when we approached small kids she immediatley seemed to know they were kids and was very loving to them as apposed to grown ups that she approached differently.
We are happy that we got her, Leslie, Lara and Sara

November 5, 2012
I wanted to send you a picture of Tecumseh at almost 6 months old. He is doing great, and healthy at whopping 68lbs.  He is super smart, and most commands that I have taught him only takes a few tries to learn. He has actually learned to walk on the treadmill. He usually gets about 3 to 5 miles of walk at the park, but on hot/cold days loves to walk on the treadmill. He is very calm for a puppy, and I love him very much.  It's one of the best decisions to have gotten him from you all. Thank you so much. Deepan

November 2, 2012
I just wanted to write you and let you know what a joy it is having Rue as an addition to our family. She is so very very smart, and is learning new things everyday. She is a big girl weighing in over 70pds at almost 9 months old. She loves other dogs, loves to give kisses, and LOVES water whether she is drinking it or playing in it she loves it, except when its raining. We are in the process of obedience training and she is doing excellent. She loves bringing you sticks, and sometimes huge tree limbs even though we have no clue where she gets them from in our yard. She has this tiger that is like her baby that she carries around the house with her everywhere. She is such a guardian whenever my husband is gone and sleeps right next to me always, and boy when my husband comes home after being gone for a few days she is so excited she just can't contain herself. We get so many complements on how beautiful she is and that her color is just so gorgeous. We can't thank you enough for our little girl, our life wouldn't be the same without her. Thanks,Courtney n' Todd

Good evening to the Henshaws! Today is Loki's 6 month birthday so I wanted to send an update on how he's doing. He's a very healthy and happy 64 lb puppy! He enjoys playing with other dogs and gets along with everyone. He has been trained on the basics and has been incredible on our daily walks. He loves the beach and playing out in the field. We plan on enrolling him for the good citizen certificate so he can become a CHKD Therapy Dog; he loves being around children! He's been an amazing addition to our little family and we couldn't be happier. Thank you so much! I hope you all are doing well. Take care!


Hi, I thought I would send you some recent pictures of Ada. She turned 1 year old yesterday! She was spayed last week and has recovered nicely. She is so smart and has learned all of her commands in English, German and by hand signals. Our son, Ray, works with her very well too. She is a beautiful dog and we are so glad we took the time to come to your facility to choose her to be a part of our family. I hope all is well.  Sharon

Hello, Just another update on our fabulous little guy here (Deuce). .... Can't believe that he will be 4 months old. How time just flies by. he is doing wonderful and we are in the process of training him on some things. he is just so smart and a joy to be around. He sits on command and we are working on paw and stay.. he just gets so excited he can't control himself. :)  Thanks again for him.... He is wonderful... hopefully by this time next year he'll start to be a daddy himself. we'll keep you posted....Here is a picture of the little monster. It's not the greatest picture but at least you can see him. He is 16 pounds now... He is such a beauty.. Mike & Holly

He (Shortstop) is a very smart and sweet dog. Loves to play and cuddle. He is almost four months now and knows how to sit, lay down, give you paw and go to his bed. He is a little escape artist and figured out how to get around every baby gate put up. The vet said that he was the best looking beagle they had ever seen and that the breeder that we got him from did an amazing job. He very friendly plays very well with my three dogs at my parents house and the bulldog here at school. Thank you so much and we will definitely be in contact for our next dog from y'all.Thanks, Brock

Toni is a wonderful little Beagle puppy :) she weight 20LBS now her legs are shorter than the others but she holds her own when they play. She still has her cow lick on her head the vet says it's a birth mark or some sort :). she has learned Sit, stay, speak, & down, she can also catch her treats when we throw them to her. she it a little skiddish of new people but she warms up fairly quick.
Dad says she's real funny to watch when she plays alone, she'll throw her toy in the air and catch them. She has about 3 holes dug to china in the back yard now, and oddly enough she likes water. She went swimming with a few times this past summer. I steal her from my dad now & then to spend the night with me. Dara

Since the holidays are upon us, I thought I'd send you a quick update on our Molly who we got from you guys in August 2010. She went hunting this season in Georgia and in West Virginia and brought herself home a good amount of squirrels! As of two weeks ago, we have now moved to the Azores, Portugal and Molly is loving it here. We are getting really excited about taking her and her sister, Dixie, to go play in the ocean. I hope you two have a great holiday season! -Ashley

Figured I'd send in an update. Eva just finished her beginning training. She learned to sit, stay, lay down, come(most of the time), leave it, drop it, shake etc. She is so smart and has such a sweet personality. She loves all the attention she gets when we go out, and has to say hello to everyone. Thanks from the whole family.


It’s Kayla and Ranger reporting in! He is eight month old and doing great. He is such an awesome boy. In July, Ranger was awarded his AKC Star Puppy certificate, and is currently working on his K9 Good Citizen certificate. He does so well when it comes to training. I take him everywhere I can and he loves to go. He always gets lots of compliments too, and I’ve had many people ask where I got him from. Thank you for sending out my email to the other puppy owners from his litter. I’ve gotten him together with his sister Eva, formally known as July. They play so well together. Just wanted to say thank you for raising such great pups!  Kayla and Ranger  Ps. Here’s a couple of pictures of Ranger and Eva!

We wanted to drop you a line to show how Eli is developing into a magnificent adult German Shepherd Dog. He's beautiful, we couldn't ask for a better dog and companion.  He's learned to catch Frisbee while at full run!  Tanya and Charlie

My husband Terry and I adopted a beagle from you last July (July 24, 2010) when he was 7 weeks old. We named him Max. He's grown into an amazing dog and my husband and I couldn't be happier with him. He's smart, obedient and becoming a good rabbit dog. He gets along great with our cats and all the other dogs (and kids) in our neighborhood love him. Our family is complete now that we have Max.  We are thinking of getting another beagle in the next year or so, so I am sure we will adopt another beagle from Shepherd Hill Farm.   Thanks for everything.

Valerie and Terry

Just though we would send you another update on Blake (formerly Abby of Justice and Liberty). She is such a love! Full of energy and growing like a weed - 50 lbs at her 5 month check up with the longest tail! ... she is absolutely gorgeous and very smart. She will fetch a tennis ball or frisbee day and night! She is completely house broken, knows the difference between her toys and our shoes (even with her heavy teething now) and does great in her crate and on leash. We adore her!!! We are heading to the mountains this weekend and I hope she will enjoy swimming in the spring there - a new adventure for her! Hope all is well at Shepherd Hill Farm!  Sarah

June 29, 2011
Rambo is doing great in his obedience classes. He's a beautiful boy that gets LOTS of attention everywhere he goes. Rambo LOVES to ride in the car too!

June 19,2011
Just letting you know Kadofi is doing great. He has passed his 6 weeks obedience class last week he is doing amazing learning how to sit, lay,stay leave it, and loose leash walking . He loves playing fetch with his tennis ball and also loves chewing on his kong toy. He is a great dog we love him so much and he is also showing signs of him being a great guard dog, every time some one comes close to our house he runs over to the door and watch. He is now 4 months old still on his royal canin doing great.   Jabril

June 1, 2011
Onyx is growing amazingly! He adjusted well and quickly to his new life with us, was quickly house trained and learned several commands within the first several weeks. Today, he knows sit, down and paw; learning most of these by 10 weeks! Even more amazing he knew how to play fetch the every first night without any guidance! Onyx is a becoming a great companion and friend. Onyx has been showing classic GSD traits since day one. One of his favorite activities is sitting at our front window and watching over the neighborhood and house.Today he’s a happy 15 week old puppy.  Regards, Katie and Sean

October 17, 2011
Just another quick update on Onyx and a few photos that I thought were too cute not to share.
Today, Onyx is very happy 8 months old GSD. Here are a couple silly photos we recently took with Onyx in his favorite spot in the house - the front window that looks over the nieghborhood.  Katie & Sean

April 14, 2011

She is such a wonderful puppy!  We all love her a lot!  Our vet and the staff are quite impressed with her and how smart/well behaved she is-they called for your information because one of their clients is interested in a German Shepherd. I passed along your info with high recommendations! : )  Take care and thanks again for our dear "little" Reine!   Mary

April 1, 2011
Just dropping a line to give an update and send pix of Rico Havoc our GSD we got from you last July.  He is from Black Ice's and Yano's litter of 05/12/10.  As you can see he has grown up to be a big handsome boy.  He is such a good natured dog, we couldn't ask for a better boy, he and Maggie our other GSD hit it off right away and are nearly inseparable.  He is definitely a Momma's Boy even though my husband wanted to get a male shepherd for himself, but I guess Rico had other plans and I don't mind one bit, he follows me around everywhere and sleeps next to me everynight!  He is very smart, observant and picks up on thing very quickly and has a big silly quirky personality that can't be beat.  He's great with people young and old alike and he plays great with other dogs. He is a very special boy and we love him so very much and are so thankful for you guys allowing us to bring him into our family.  Dena

February 8, 2011
1 week and 2 days since picking up Dakota (Codi).  As an 8 week old, she took to the crate immediately and I can say is comfortably crate trained, although she trained herself.  She displays all the classic traits that everyone says a GSD should have, high prey drive, intelligence, confidence and a calm demeanor – for a puppy or better described as a baby, we’re amazed at how easy she is.   I did a lot of research since putting our previous GSD down looking for the “one”, we found her through you.  I don’t know what you’ve done – your pups are amazing!. My vet wanted your contact info for clients that ask for GSD pups as well.  Anyone wants a reference tell them to call me. Larry

December 17, 2010
Here is another picture of Lucy during her obedience training this past week.  She has achieved her S.T.A.R. Puppy Certification and is on way to testing for her CGC Certification.  I am a german shepherd owner for life!

December 12, 2010
 My daughter and I bought pups and we wanted to let you know how they are doing! You both seem to care so much. The brothers are doing so well... Coal has a very special gift. He is SO tender,careful and gentle with elderly people and young children. It is really amazing! He is so ROUGH with his brother but with the children and grandmothers he goes into another gear...He has a sweet spirit.
  Yoshi is with Kristen almost always, she feels much safer working alone at her stable as he is protective of her. He is her guardian angel. He is not mean at all just not friendly, he has eyes only for her and she thinks that is "so awesome"...Thank you so much for breeding the best dogs in the world.   Sarah & Kristen

December 9, 2010
Just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know that Sasha is doing great.  She's the smartest dog we've ever had, we have to put the child lock on in the car because she figured out how to roll the windows down.  She loves fetching her tennis ball and will find it anywhere we hide it.   

Jeremy & Valerie

October 1, 2010
 I just wanted to send you a couple pics of Hank. He's a bright and sweet pup. 

September 25, 2010
I just wanted to send you both a note to let you know Molly is adjusting well to her new home. She's doing great and is fitting into our family wonderfully. We absolutely love her, even when she decides to be overly vocal. :)
p.s. The second picture of her is her "game watching shirt" but don't worry she doesn't wear it too often! Only when the WVU Mountaineers play. 


August 19, 2010 -
Matilda is doing wonderfully! We absolutely love her! Her crate and obedience trainings are going great. She has adjusted beautifully to our home and family. Thanks so much for this much loved addition to our family!

August 5, 2010

Just a line to let you know that L'Vis settled down in the house with the utmost ease.  Lucille went crazy over him, her personal baby toy.  Tomorrow will be a month since we've brought him home and he is so sweet and silly!  He has such a different personality than Lucille.  Lucille is extremely headstrong and stubborn and her sense of smell usually gets her in trouble for not listening to us at times, but she is the princess of our household) and super spoiled!!  L'Vis on the other hand is such a clown, he gets super excited about everything and he LISTENS!!

(Dexter update-December 9, 2010)
To the vet today and he is a healthy growing 101 pounds! Smart and learning he is very happy.

June 23, 2010

Attaching another picture of Dexter. He is 40 pounds now and look how long his beautiful legs are!  He is doing great and continues to love the water. Knows and listens to many requests ( sit, stay, paw, kisses, no bite (still wants to tho'!), brings his bowl to us if any is empty, go to the car for a ride, ).  Such a smart guy, we love him and he loves us.

May 19, 2010

Dexter is growing like a weed.  Knows his name and "sit".  Loves to play and is very happy.  He rides with us on the mower and Matt's 4- wheeler. Sits up like he has riden before. Doesn't chase or shy from vehicles or loud sounds. Sits in the back seat very well. No running crazy around. Such a good good pup!!  Vet says all is well.

May 17, 2010

I wanted to share with you the pictures of my handsome puppy Bagel... He's about 8 months and grew a lot...  
And I discovered that when I practice singing (I am an opera singer) he sings and follows me..I wanted to show that too.. But I can't.. I'll try to send you when I get a nice camcorder. Here are some pictures of Bagel since the first day of new home!!

November 22, 2009
...I have included two pictures of her, one sleeping and the other of her attacking one of her favorite toys. The vet says she believes she will be a rather large female at around 90lbs and is in perfect health. We just wanted to keep you guys up to date and say thanks again for the wonderful GSD! (Everyone simply LOVES her personality and longer coat!)

November 10, 2009 - Just wanted to send you a couple updated pictures. Achilles is around 6 months old and approximately 60 - 65 pounds. Great temperament, highly intelligent and a true friend of the family. He's great with the kids, neighborhood pets and guest. He's a great investment...

Subject: Lobo has grown!
...I'm trying to send an updated picture of Lobo. He is 73lbs and doing great. He's been very easy to train, learns things very quickly. He loves to take a ride in my Jeep. And he loves the sprinkler and hose! He's not too big on swimming yet, but he'll play in the sprinkler with Brandon for an hour! He's become such a big part of our family already. He's asleep at my feet even as I'm typing. We are all very glad that he's with us. We hope that you are well.

November 20, 2009
Hello To the Henshaws!
I wanted to send you an updated photo of Lobo on his first birthday. We are so happy to have him as part of our family. He's so smart, has trained very easily, and is head over heels in love with our 8 year old son. His favorite game is shagging baseballs. When our son practices hitting, we never have to be in the outfield, Lobo loves to chase them down and bring them back! He never did get into swimming this summer, but he loves the hose & sprinkler. He's no trouble to keep clean, he will get in the shower stall any time! Lobo has turned into an excellent watch dog and lets us know if anything is here. He lets whoever comes by know that he is here as well. We've all enjoyed watching him turn from an adorable puppy into the beautiful dog that he is today.


Subject: Sammy
"...I got Sammy from you.  I thought you guys would like a picture of him.  He is a great dog!!!!  We love him so much; he fits in our family perfectly.  He has learned to sit, stay, lay down, and give you his paw.  He is really coming into his own personality.  He weighs 42lbs own.   He loves to play fetch with a ball, and he loves sticks.  We taking him for walks in the evening (when it’s not raining) and he comes home with a stick every time."


Subject: Olaf
"Hi Henshaws,
Here is Olaf at 7 months old. A couple of days ago he took his last class with Ralph Smith and graduated in basic obedience. We are very proud of him, he is sweet and beautiful. Ralph thinks that he has great potential for further training, he seems to understand everything and is very quick to learn. One day soon Ralph will come out and take pictures of him to use on his website -I will keep you posted."

7 month old Olaf

Subject: Trip Chaos Fitzgerald
Mr. Henshaw - I wanted to share with you the latest photos of our pup that we adopted from you in January, he is 5 months old in the pictures. He is growing so fast! He has proven to be a highly intelligent and loving addition to our family. I started his basic obedience early (because he picked up commands so quickly) and we will graduate from that class on May 2. After that we are enrolled in Basic Advanced class. Once that is certified I may work him in agility or obedience trials, depending on where he excels. It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife and Rick and I both want to thank you for this wonderful addition to our family.

Trip Chaos Fitzgerald in his new home

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